From a Sad French guy to a Really Happy Human Being!

Did you know there is a great way to get low-quality content for any type of site? Obviously, this is not going to be the kind of content you’re gonna find here in my news blog, BUT, I thought of sharing it either way.

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While traveling, while attending a heated debate about passion and purpose, I came a question hung it on Facebook: What happens when your passion does not match your skills, when you are given well is not what you like, or vice versa? Did you spent? How do we fix it if you have a solution? And then they went more than 25 opinions in the conversation thread, which gave me an idea that is a question that perhaps many people arises. Domenico commented that this is an essential issue that “hurts, it hurts,” while Rosa offered to make a list of things you are passionate about and where he feels “frankly mediocre”. I certainly could do mine and it would be rather lengthy 🙂

After reading my thread I thought it would be nice to recover and better organize the views to make it a post. The truth is that making a collage collective intelligence mode Get ideas on a subject many people is something that always amuses me to do, so go ahead.

To introduce reflection, I believe that the structural mismatch between “passion” and “skills” should be the biggest shit he can bring us life. Structural say to refer to cases where the disagreement is deep, permanent and difficult to solve. Of course, the assumption may be wrong because maybe that contradiction is never static and always has a chance to rearrange the two terms of the equation, so that passion allows to develop skills which seemed impossible, or skills to find a passion for where channeled . On the other hand, I do not know what hurts more, if the passion lacking the necessary skills or skills orphan extraordinary passion, what do you think?

Ignacio doubt that there is any solution to this dilemma, but reading thread Facebook I feel that there are three possible strategies:

Focus on passion, develop and adapt the best you can the skills to it.
Focus on skills, trying to uncover passionate moments in the process of striving for excellence.
Make a double life pursuing what one is good at (skills) to finance the passions as a hobby.

According to the 1st strategy ensures that if Antonio has to choose between passion and skills, always gets the first working skills because if you want to achieve a goal. Silvia proposes the same way: use the passion to develop skills. Jose Mari believes that everything is learned and what makes immensely happy.

Hugo suggests the 2nd strategy since he thinks it is possible to develop the ability to adapt to the skills and stresses the courage to explore: be of sufficient concern to search on several fronts, or focal points, for sure by one of their passion emerges. Karina appeals to the more rational side: in the long run what you do well will usually end up liking. Here surely there are degrees because if the feeling of rejection / pleasure is very intense, the decision becomes easier. The problem we have when signals are ambiguous and irregular.

Asier says, in his usual way trans solution there is hope if we can find what we love, her warm, care, give him time … to see how gets. Javier also points to the message not to stress: we have to go through it, and go resolving contradictions. At some point it will be synthesized. There is always some point, says Silvia, where skill and passion are to be found in every person; and I want to believe so but I also recognize that there are often environmental factors that we make it very difficult.


Peter believes it is really difficult to realize the mismatch and explains, there are many people who spend a lifetime trying to be a singer / player / manager / whatever and everyone is obviously never get, except for themselves. Suddenly something happens and they realize then engage in something else that maybe it shine. Rafael Ventura, meanwhile, thinks that many people to end up deceiving themselves making believe that they can become good, or vice versa, deceiving others into thinking that they are passionate about what they do even if it is as follows

Esther refuses most, raising other questions connected with the third strategy that quoted earlier: why strive for excellence in everything we do? Why do we need to be good at something we like? Why our passion can not simply be a hobby and thus feel fulfilled ?. Emphasis added, because it is an important issue. It seems to me if you want to devote yourself to your passion as a profession, which is what we’re talking about, you have to be good enough / to someone wants to pay you. Another thing is that you do in parallel as a hobby, in which case the dilemma ceases to exist because who cares if you’re good or mediocre on what you do for sheer enjoyment. Ainhoa ??think, however, that “simple hobbies know little,” so it is possible that the dilemma to surface again when I feel like taking the issue more seriously.

Miguel Angel insists that it must find a way to fit both because of something you have to live; so as Koke and Gonzalo say, you can work hard and gain independence in what we are good at what we are most able, to spend time on what we love. Are you for asking, Miguel Angel believes that there is always the option of inventing a new profession that reconciles wittily our skills and passions.

A Rafael Pastor seems worse to have multiple talents and have not yet found the passion; an idea that connects with Ainhoa ??question: what happens when you get a lot of things pretty well and you have a unique calling in life?

Having seen, we could also ask ourselves the story backwards. Blessed lucky are those who have discovered his true passion early, and can pursue it because they have skills that allow them to offer some enough for someone to want to pay (well) this quality. Luck? Did I say lucky? Well, I feel that there is much of that, that life puts you on the road to self-discovery telltale clues, or to keep in genes signals that make your passion evident. Some people are born with the star, but luck is not everything and it’s not healthy, or intelligent, trusting fate to randomness.

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