Simplicity Vacuum Cleaners – Quality Beyond Modern Technology

When you stumble upon Simplicity vacuum cleaners you have to see them for what they are: rather basic yet highly functional, durable house cleaning machines. While most other major vacuum manufacturers race to keep up with developing technology, Simplicity continues with their primary mission of creating highly durable, extremely functional vacuums that last year after year.

An example of this is the lack of bagless vacuum models in their product line up. Every Simplicity vacuum uses bags and that means consumers have to purchase replacement bags and change them out as needed. This may be seen as an inconvenience to many consumers, but to Simplicity designers it is a matter of quality. They believe bagless vacuums are less powerful and less effective than bagged models, so they simply don’t make bagless vacuums.

This has to be kept in mind when learning about the features of specific Simplicity vacuum cleaners. They may not have the advanced technological features that are found on other vacuums selling today, but the brand is still designed with quality and durability in mind.

Following is a quick overview of the different types of Simplicity vacuum cleaners selling on the market today.

Simplicity Upright Vacuums

There are currently five residential upright vacuum lines from Simplicity and four commercial grade vacuum models. The residential models are the Synergy, Synchrony, Symmetry, Freedom and the 7 Series.

The Simplicity Synergy vacuum is designed with two separate motors and an innovative air flow system that ensures strong suction power no matter how dirty the floors may be. The design includes a lot of metal parts to make it durable and includes a HEP air filtration system. They are not as good at sucking as the Dyson V6 Animal.

The Simplicity Synchrony vacuum comes with many of the features and highly durable parts found on the Synergy vacuum, except it is designed to look sleek and modern. It comes with metallic toned paint and really shines in the home.

There are six different models of the Symmetry vacuum. The series is designed with HEPA filtration (bagged) and metal parts to make it more durable. These are known as affordable yet high quality models. Would you like to know how to get dog hair out of car carpets?

The Freedom vacuum is Simplicity’s version of the 8 pound vacuum. It is very lightweight and compact so you can move it from different areas of your home and carry it up stairways comfortably.

The 7 Series vacuums very sleek in design yet they are also packed with power, filtration, and superior airflow systems. These vacuums are among the best vacuums offered from Simplicity at this time.

Simplicity Canister Vacuums

There is definitely a lot to choose from in the upright category from Simplicity, but the offerings for canister vacuums are just as impressive. You will find full sized, high powered canister systems as well as mid-sized, compact, and sub-compact models. By the way, have you tried the Dyson V6 Animal cordless?

The Premier Power Team vacuums are the top-of-the-line offerings from Simplicity. The vacuums in this line are heavier and more substantial, but they are also loaded down with all the power and features you would expect from higher end canister vacuums. They are even equipped with high quality filtration systems.

Mid-sized canister vacuums have a lot of on-board tools and filtration systems but are a big smaller than the Premier Power vacuums. Compact and sub-compact models are smaller in size which makes them easier to pull around and go up and down stairs with. These smaller vacuums traditionally offer less power and fewer features than the mid to full sized vacuums.

Simplicity also makes central vacuums for homes.

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