What is yacon syrup used for?

Yacon syrup and diet

Yacon syrup may be the solution for you if you are suffering from high blood sugar, high LDL cholesterol, lack of fiber, vitamins and minerals and excess weight.

The Yacon root, is a vegetable grown at the foot of the Andes Mountains, and has been helpful to sustain good health over the years. The root looks so much like the sweet potato and can be eaten whole or squeezed to form a syrup. It has been used for nutritious purposes and also as a sweetener. People with diabetes, renal and digestive disorders can eat the Yacon root for relief.

The root is converted into a thick, sweet molasses, through the use of an evaporator. The syrup has a taste similar to that of a mixture of figs or raisins.

Benefits of Yacon syrup

1. It suppresses appetite and hence helps in reducing food intake. It can be used to control cravings. As such it aids in weight reduction efforts. When the syrup is taken, it reduces the hormone Ghrelin which causes hunger. One feels full for longer.

2. It helps the body by speed up metabolism rates. A slow metabolism process leads to slowed digestion of food and in turn makes one fat. Yacon contains a lot of prebiotic FOS, which is sugar than strengthens bacteria such as Lactobacillus and Bifidus, which speed up the digestion process, leading to reduced weight.

3. Yacon syrup is used as a natural sweetener especially for people who need sugar substitute for their bodies. FOS is a natural sugar that is always healthy and tasty.

4. It helps regulate blood sugar levels in the body. The sugar found in Yacon is not absorbed into the body since the human body does not have an enzyme to break it down. When used, the syrup contents do not raise blood sugar levels.

5. Reduces constipation. It is an outstanding source of fiber (soluble) which is necessary for a healthy digestive tract. It helps in the formation of bulk stool which reduces constipation.

Yacon Molasses for weight loss6. Regulates calories in the body. The sugar content found in Yacon syrup is not absorbed into the body. It goes through the digestive tract easily and leaves no calories behind.

7. It lowers bad cholesterol obtained from intake of other foods: when the FOS strengthens the bacteria, the sugar is converted into short-chain fatty acids that prevent the synthesis or formation of cholesterol in the liver. This prevents heart diseases and other complications associated with high cholesterol levels.

8. Assists in the absorption of vitamins and minerals: Yacon syrup helps in the absorption of essential minerals, vitamins such as magnesium and calcium, which increases bone density, delaying osteoporosis.
It strengthens the body’s immune system (as a result of increased absorption of vitamins and minerals) lowering the risk of infections.

For best results, it is recommended that one takes a teaspoon of the syrup before meals. The syrup can also be used as an ingredient for meals that require sugar such as salads, tea, coffee, toast, pancakes, etc. Too much yacon syrup should, however, be avoided as it may interfere with the digestive tract and cause diarrhea.

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